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Our entire range of product like Flush Doors, Plywood, etc is enhancing the decor and beauty of numerous residential and commercial establishments. "The products are known for its highlighting features such as alluring color combination, attractive designs & patterns, captivating look, durability and perfect finish.

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Hardwoods are the best type of wood material for furniture. A product that is getting harder and harder to find, hardwood furniture has a combination of beauty and durability that cannot be matched by any softwood or engineered wood. While softwoods can be beautiful, they aren’t nearly as durable as hardwoods.

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A carpenter is a craftworker who constructs, installs and repairs frameworks of wood and other building materials such as brick and concrete. They can work on a variety of projects, from buildings and bridges to kitchen tables. Carpenters often specialise in making a certain type of structure.

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Making Chair

The most common softwoods used to construct furniture are cedar, pine, and redwood.



cupboard, type of furniture that originated in the Middle Ages as a board or table for cups.


Relaxing Table

Dining table designs include contemporary, casual, modern, rustic, and various other styles.


More Furniture

Wood is a name that is super prominent in every Indian household and has been in the picture.

How it Works

This is “boiling waterproof” plywood, and it’s also referred to as Marine plywood. It is completely waterproof.

Marine plywood is the highest graded plywood in the plywood industry. This means that the quality of marine plywood is best .

Plywood is usually considered to be the best plywood for wardrobes and other interior fixes. The plywood is suited for humid.

BWP grade plywood

Plywood stands for Boiling Water Proof plywood, which is known to be completely water resistant. As this board can withstand prolonged exposure to water, plywood becomes an obvious choice when you are looking for a suitable plywood for your kitchen.